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STEAM Academy

STEAM Academy- The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Academy, STEAM, is a new version of our former IT Academy.  Over the years we realized that many career fields were missing that students wanted to explore so we changed the focus to a more broad scope of careers.  This pathway allows students to explore hundreds of careers through our STEAM elective and also includes exposure to professions in Music, Art, and Culinary Arts.  Much like HCA, the STEAM Academy exposes students to various careers, projects, guest speakers, and field trips. The STEAM Academy aligns with Andrew Hill's MultiMedia Pathway were students in 7th grade learn how to use Google Suite and in 8th grade start to learn Adobe Creative Software.  This Academy also provides students with a unique opportunity to see hundreds of professions to help them determine what they may want to do for a career. Many of the skills learned in this Academy can be used in several of East Side Union High School District's Career Technical Education, CTE, pathways.  For more information on the MultiMedia Pathway at Andrew Hill

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