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Sylvandale Got Talent!!!  May 24, 2019 @ 1:30 pm in the gym
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Teacher's Appreciation Week

Sylvandale's Leadership students lead the way in making Teacher Appreciation Week a very special event. Everyday of the week teachers received personalized gifts and goodies. They distributed uplifting notes of appreciation, decorative containers with teacher supplies, delicious personalized cookies and candy bars. And, for the Grand Finale on Friday, they provided freshly cooked, hot and fluffy pancakes for teachers and staff to enjoy. Their thoughtful notes and gestures of kindness expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the teachers who have taught them so much this school year. Teachers and staff alike were moved by their thoughtfulness and creativity in making this year so very special for us all.
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Comcast Cares Day

On Saturday, May 4, Sylvandale Middle School discovered the power behind a community of volunteers. Comcast and NBC Bay Area partnered up together and provided a Comcast Cares Day with around 300 volunteers, ages 5 to 60. They focused on various campus beautification projects. Both the gym and the library were cleaned from top to bottom. The garden was raked clear of debris and weeds, the beds prepared for planting, and we even received brand new tools we can now use to maintain that project. All volunteers received T-shirts and a free breakfast and lunch. It’s truly awesome that a one-day event like this can literally renew the appearance of a school like Sylvandale. The students and staff at Sylvandale are deeply grateful.
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Earthquake Proof Building

Schahl Labs worked their magic again as retired teachers regaled our students with all sorts of interesting details about earthquakes. Students in the Coral program attended this after-school lab orchestrated by Ms. Dahl to help engineer and construct a three-story 'building' that could withstand a 7.0 earthquake. We learned that the triangle is the most stable configuration and attempted to make our buildings to incorporate that shape. Each 'building' was placed on a frame that could be shaken with great vigor. Some withstood the trauma, most did not. And no, we didn't eat the marshmallows!
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Sylvandale MS Soccer Team

Sylvandale has always been the place that encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. The girls soccer team is an example of this. Many of the players the come out are first year players. Students that have always wanted to try to play, but have never actually gone out and played. They work hard, learn new skills, make new friends, all the while keeping their grades up and taking care of their responsibilities at home. The girls are a statement of what a student athletes is and showed that by working hard they can win games and have a good time doing it!
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ICS Training With Students

Sylvandale Middle School students were trained in the Incident Command System, which is a system that outlines the roles, procedures, and chain of command setup that first responders use when responding to emergencies.
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SMS Unveils New STEAM Lab

Sylvandale Middle School is proud to announce that we have received a grant from East Side Union High School District to continue to support our Career Academy Pathway. This new grant helped pay for computers for our STEAM lab (also a grant from ESUHSD), as well as, a new iMac lab with the Adobe Creative Suite.
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Sylvandale Culinary Program

The Sylvandale Culinary Program consists of two years of increasingly technical curriculum that is aligned to Culinary Industry Standards. Students in the second year program practice knife handling, sharpening and cutting skills. They master culinary cuts such as brunoise, batonnet, julienne, and dicing as well as experimenting with more aesthetic garnishing ideas.
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SMS Visited Carlton Senior Living Facility, San Jose

Students are wanting to give back during the holiday season because we would like to bring happiness to someone’s day. By engaging in conversation, providing some baked goods, and participating in a holiday craft- it will bring joy to them and to us. This project relates to our leadership class because we would like to bring awareness to older generation and how much we appreciate them.
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