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Principal's Message April 24, 2023

Dear Sylvandale Parents/Guardians,

Due to recent events in the news, I am addressing safety at our school and letting you know how you can help support a safe and productive learning environment. We continue to make significant gains in lowering the number of fights on campus, but we still need your help to end bullying, whether in-person or using social media. We will continue offering workshops to all students about anti-bullying and sessions to help parents identify and address it. The school site is installing additional cameras around the campus. For each bathroom, vape sensors will detect the use of any vaporized tobacco or marijuana products. During the school day, we will lock all gates and entry points. Parents, you are great partners in communicating with us and offering ideas to improve safety. 

We are also very serious about stopping gang or gang-like activities on our campus. As a reminder, no blue or red colors are allowed for shirts, pants, shoes, backpacks, belts, or other accessories. No Crocs or other loose-fitting shoes, sandals, or flip-flops are permitted. Students may ONLY wear sweatpants during PE. When students have or can get appropriate clothing, they will be allowed to change clothes and given a pass to class, but the behavioral consequences will still apply. 

To ensure the safety of every Sylvandale student, any groups of students seated or attempting to move about the campus can be no larger than five students. This policy has been enacted successfully by middle schools in the area, and we know it will yield positive results here. Again, we thank you for your support as we have a safe, fun, and memorable end of the year for every student!