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Letters to Fire victims in California

 The girls running this event had a purpose and their main goal was to bring some hope to these people’s lives. Through much collaboration, the girls constructed templates for their peers to use with positive words, phrases, and sentence starters to keep letters encouraging through words, pictures, and quotes. All of which will bring some comfort to these people during this heartbreaking time. In a course of roughly a week, the entire school contributed in the letter drive. Reviewing and listening to their responses as to why this project was important to them and how they feel for these people was truly inspiring to witness. Facing reality of this kind of disaster, it allowed the students to empathize and understand how really terrible this time is for these fire victims. The student’s demonstration of love and compassion for people they do not know personally has been very rewarding as staff members and district officials to witness as our younger generation students taking action. From letter writing, to contacting shelters hosting these families to mail out the letters to, to collecting the letters and reviewing them before shipping out, has been quite the process. Their personal growth and maturity to take this all on has been encouraging and motivating to their peers and surrounding community to get involved. The student’s small act of kindness has been acknowledged by ABC7 and local Telemundo news.