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Principal's Message

Sylvandale Middle School provides students with the inspiration and skills to hope and believe that all of their dreams, even ones they are not yet dreaming, are possible.   

Our school community of faculty, staff, and parents work hand in hand to ensure every student's academic and social-emotional success by delivering standards-based lessons with real-world connections, opportunities to collaborate with peers and giving actionable feedback to encourage student improvement. We employ Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), providing high-quality teaching as Tier I support for student success and interventions to address individual student needs.   

I celebrate our diversity as a community by embracing opportunities for students to find cultural representation in lesson materials and opportunities for students to showcase and share their cultural pride. Ours is a school where every student, family, teacher, and staff member is respected and valued without fear of discrimination or hate speech.  

What makes Sylvandale so unique? Beyond all I've shared, Sylvandale offers competitive team sports, an inviting wellness center where students receive emotional support from our site social worker and outside partners, and our culinary program, where students learn marketable skills and make several dishes using ingredients from the school's garden.   

To learn more about this school on the rise and how parents and community members can partner, visit our monthly "Cafecitos - Coffee with the Principal" or participate in one of our school beautification projects and school festivals, chaperone field trips, and dances.   

Yours in partnership,   

Brian M. Walton, Sr., Principal