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Get Involved

Sylvandale Middle School's Monthly Cafecito’s:

Sylvandale Middle School hosts monthly parent meetings on the last Tuesday of the month from 8:30AM and 10:00AM. These times may change so please check website calendar. We want to make time for our parents and this is the perfect opportunity to hear school updates and meet with school administration. Each month, the school administration may include guest speakers or certain topics of discussion. Engage with us! We want to hear from you.

Sylvandale Middle School's School Site Council:

The School Site Council is a decision-making body made up of parents, community representatives, and school staff members. The School Site Council's primary responsibility is to oversee the funds the school receives under the School Improvement Program (SIP) act. The funds are designed to improve student performance as measured by standardized tests, the District's State & Federal Program, and classroom performance. The Council meets on the third Thursday of the month from 8:30AM to 10:00AM. These times may change so please check school website calendar. To become a part of the School Site Council, submit an application to the front office. See School office for application.

Sylvandale Middle School's Volunteer Program:

Helping in the classroom or around the school is a great way to stay involved and support our Sylvandale Middle School community. To volunteer in the classroom, please contact your student's teacher so a schedule can be arranged. The teacher will need to add your name in the volunteer log so your visit will be expected by the front office. To volunteer around the school, please contact the front office. Here are just a few ideas of the kind of roles we need on a regular basis: 

Classroom Volunteer: There are many opportunities to assist teachers with preparation of materials, reading with a small group of children and practicing math facts.

Library Volunteer: With the volume of books being returned daily to the library, we can always use assistance in shelving books.

Field Trips: Many of the field trips taken require additional parent supervision. This is an excellent way to spend time with your child and small group of students while taking in an educational excursion.

Track Meet Day Volunteer: To make Field Day a success, Mr. Gianotti will need a number of volunteers to run events. Look for a note in April about the fun volunteer opportunities on Track Day.

Room Parents: Each year you will have the opportunity to sign up as a room parent. The room parent helps plan and organize class parties.

District Level Parent Committee’s:

The Franklin-McKinley School District offers a variety of parent involvement opportunities that allow you to become a representative for your child’s school. Please contact the District Office for information.