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Student Support Services Program

The Student Support Services Program (SSSP) brings together school social workers, School linked Services, social work interns, school counselors and community providers to promote the mental health, well-being and academic achievement of all Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) students.

SSSP provides support and resources for students that will help them work through the challenges that are interfering with their academic, personal, or social adjustment.  

What are some reasons/behaviors/observations, for which a student would be referred for services? Below are just a few reasons:

  • Academic difficulties
  • Absenteeism
  • Family-related difficulties
  • Students exposed to trauma
  • Health related concerns
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Housing
  • Suicide prevention and intervention

Click on the image below to make a referral for services.

FAQ’s   How long does it take for a student to be seen by a mental health provider or school social worker?
It can take up to 1 week to process a referral. The more information provided in the referral, the faster it will be processed. It is important to include medical coverage information (Medi-Cal number, etc.), and as much information as possible relevant to student needs, in order to link the student to the most  appropriate services. For students in crisis please follow crisis procedures to connect the student to services immediately. If a student is expressing suicidal thoughts, respond immediately.  

How will parent/guardians know when their student will be receiving services? 

Parent/guardians are notified of the status of the referral submitted at their child’s school site, or by the assigned provider. Should parents/guardians or staff have any questions on the status, they may contact the District School Linked Services Coordinator(s) at 408-283-6092.

How will I know my referral has been received?

If you would like a confirmation receipt of your referral, please check the confirmation box in the referral for along with entering your email address. For immediate need, please contact the District School Linked Services Coordinator(s) at 408-283-6092.

Helpful Crisis Numbers

Suicide Prevention and Crisis: 1-855-278-4204 Available 24 hours /7 days Alum Rock Counseling: 408-294-0579 Available 24 hours/ 7 days Child Protective Services: 408-299-2071 Available 24 hours/7 days EMQ Family’s First Crisis Hotline: 408-379-3796 Crisis Text: Text BAY to 741741 to reach a trained crisis counselor Available 24 hours/7 days  

Contact Person Title Phone Number
Jennifer Klassen Coordinator, Student Wellness & Support Services (408) 283-6094
Berenice Gonzalez Secretary II (408) 283-6092
Auria Batres Secretary I (408) 283-6091
Mireya Coronado School Linked Services Coordinator (408) 283-6090