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The Sylvandale front office will be closed for the summer starting July 1st and will not open until August 2nd
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Uniform Policy


  • Must be khaki color

  • No sagging or baggy pants/shorts/skirts. They must fit at the waist and be size appropriate.

  • Skirts or shorts must not be shorter than the students’ middle finger when their arms are straight to their side.



  • Must be SOLID white, black, or grey this includes turtlenecks, collared shirts, and t-shirts.

  • No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or bare shoulders/midriff.

  • T-shirts worn under the shirt may NOT be any shade of red or blue (pink is acceptable).

  • No pictures, logos, brand names, flannel, checked patterns , stripes or other designs on the shirt or blouses.

  • Shirts must be buttoned so that a person’s stomach and chest are not showing.



  • Any color except for shades of red or blue.

  • No student writing on the backpack will be allowed.

  • Duct tape straps on the backpack are not allowed.



  • No metal or steel-toe shoes

  • No slippers or flip-flops

  • No shades of red or blue shoes or shoelaces

  • No Cortez shoes (a shoe created by Nike)

  • Socks must be black or white without any shades of blue or red



  • Must be white, black, grey

  • College/University sweatshirts are allowed as long as they are not any shade of red or blue

  • A solid white, black, or grey shirt must be worn underneath the sweater/sweatshirt

  • No hoods may be worn covering the face and head while on campus. Hoods may not be worn in class or inside buildings.



  • Hats and caps may not be worn during school

  • Beanies may be worn outside before and after school. The beanies may not have any logos and must be black, grey or white.