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March 15-17 will be parent-teacher conferences. Dismissal is at 1:42pm those three days.
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Common Dress

Student Common Dress

No articles of clothing - hats, backpacks, bandanas, hair clips/pins, watches, shoelaces, shoes, tape on clothing that are RED or BLUE will be permitted. 


Black, Gray or Denim Bottoms

  • Size appropriate/fitted
  • No sweatpants/athletic bottoms
  • No leggings unless worn under a skirt/dress/shorts
  • Shorts hemmed not more than 5 inches above knees
  • Belt should not be worn below waist

Black, Gray or White Shirts

  • Dress or casual Shirts
  • T-Shirts with appropriate logos is acceptable
  • Short or long sleeves
  • Turtleneck is acceptable 

Not appropriate:

  • Clothes with visible underwear
  • Tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • Gang related clothing or articles (no red/blue)
  • Logos or images that depict drugs, alcohol, or any illegal item or activity
  • Images and or language that create a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class
  • Reminder that Sylvandale PE sweatpants are only to be used for PE


  • Any color except for shades of red or blue.
  • Duct tape straps on the backpack are not allowed.


  • No metal or steel-toe shoes
  • No slippers or flip-flops/Crocs
  • No shades of red or blue shoes or shoelaces
  • No Cortez shoes (a shoe created by Nike)
  • Socks must be black or white without any shades of blue or red


  • Must be white, black, gray
  • A solid white, black, or gray shirt must be worn underneath the sweater/sweatshirt
  • No hoods may be worn covering the face and head while on campus. Hoods may not be worn in class or inside buildings. 


  • Hats/Caps may not be worn during school hours. They may be worn outside before and after school. The hats/caps may not have any logos and must be black, gray or white.
  • Dress code violations may result in an after-school reflection or potential loss of student eligibility for activities or sports.  Parents may be called or loaner provided by the office.